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Rüya translates to “dream” in Turkish.

My mom, who emigrated from Turkey, steeped us in the traditions of home. She taught us that home is home and nothing can transport you there like taste.

Rüya is our need to share a piece of home away from home.

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What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee, one of the oldest and most traditional ways of preparing the drink, really lives up to the proverb:

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love." -Turkish proverb

The phrase Turkish Coffee refers to the brewing method, not the beans used. Finely-ground coffee is briefly boiled in a long-handled copper called an ibrik. The coffee is immediately poured into a small cup - resulting in a thick, textured brew. 

It is dark, unfiltered, and one of the most distinct coffees you'll ever taste!


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